Places You Need To Visit In Ellicott City

Places You Need To Visit In Ellicott City

Nestled in the heart of Maryland lies a hidden gem that boasts a rich history, charming scenery, and an inviting atmosphere. Ellicott City is a town like no other, with its quaint streets lined with unique shops, and art galleries. In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey through some of the must-visit places in Ellicott City that will make you fall in love with this picturesque destination!

The Ellicott City B&O Railroad Museum

The Ellicott City B&O Railroad Museum is one of the most unique places to visit in all of Ellicott City. This museum is dedicated to preserving the history of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, which was once one of the most important railroads in America. The museum has a variety of exhibits that showcase the railroad’s history and its impact on American culture and industry. Visitors can also take a ride on a restored steam train, which is a great way to experience a piece of American history.

The Ellicott City Colored Burial Ground

The Ellicott City Colored Burial Ground, also known as the African American Cemetery, is a historic cemetery located in Ellicott City, Maryland. The cemetery was established in 1879 and is the final resting place for many African Americans who lived and worked in Howard County. The cemetery is located on Church Road and is the country’s only known African American burial ground. The Ellicott City Colored Burial Ground is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is currently being restored by local volunteers.

Mt. Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church

Mt. Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church is a historic church located in Ellicott City, Maryland. The church was founded in 1867 by African American Methodists who had been excluded from worship at the city’s white churches. The church became an important center of the African American community in Ellicott City and played a significant role in the city’s Civil Rights movement. Today, Mt. Zion AME Church is a vibrant community of faith that welcomes people of all races and backgrounds.

Patapsco Valley State Park

Patapsco Valley State Park, located in Ellicott City, is a hidden gem that offers a variety of outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy. The park features a large pond, perfect for fishing or canoeing, and miles of hiking trails that wind through the woods. In the winter, the trails are popular with cross-country skiers and snowshoers.

Whether you’re looking for a place to relax and enjoy nature, or an adventurous day out on the trails, Patapsco Valley State Park is sure to please.


Ellicott City is a charming town that has something to offer everyone. Whether you like to explore its rich history, or simply take in the beauty of nature, there’s no shortage of things to do here. We hope this article gave you some ideas on places to visit during your stay in Ellicott City and that you’ll enjoy every bit of it!

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