Vrbo Management in Ellicott City, Maryland: A Guide for New Property Owners

Vrbo Management in Ellicott City, Maryland: A Guide for New Property Owners

By 2030, the short-term rental market should reach $256 billion. A major part of this success is thanks to the popularity of platforms like Vrbo.

As a new owner of a vacation property, you're in a prime position to take advantage of this trend. As long as you offer a great guest experience, you'll soon have the positive reviews you need to make your rental a winner.

Need some advice on how to show your guests a good time? Read on for a list of Vrbo management tips every property owner should know about!

Consider Lower Rates

If you just bought your Ellicott City property, enticing the first guests can be tough. One effective strategy is to offer lower rates for initial bookings. This is particularly important if you're trying to attract guests in the off-season.

Once you have some good ratings, you can start adjusting your rates. The more reviews you accumulate, the less need you'll have for discounts. At some point, your rental's reputation will speak for itself.

Optimize Your Listings

When optimizing your listing, focus on what people will notice first. A creative headline, for instance, can set you apart from the competition. The same applies to professional-looking photos that put your rental in a good light.

Next, list all your amenities and any relevant nearby attractions. If you're close to, say, the Inner Harbor Marina, put that in your listing. Be specific about the details of your Vrbo rental, like how many it sleeps.

Respond to Guests Promptly

Guest communication is another key factor in rental management. On Vrbo, you only have 24 hours to respond to booking requests. Even after that, though, it pays to stay available if your guests need something.

The reason why responding quickly is so important is that it's one of the best ways to get a good review. On platforms like Vrbo, a few bad ratings can tank your rental's standing and leave you settling for needier clients.

Track Your Inventory

Have you stocked your Vrbo rental with all the essentials? Good job: having a variety of amenities can do wonders for your occupancy rate! The next step is to ensure those things stay in their place.

The best way to do this is to keep an inventory of all the items that come with the rental. For best results, note the state they were in before each check-in. That way, you'll be safe against potential theft or damage.

Make Checking in Easy

Simplifying the check-in process can save your guests a lot of hassle. Start by including check-in times on your listing. You can be flexible with the hours, but your guests should know what to expect.

Once the visitors arrive, they may appreciate a self-check-in service. This is easy enough to do with a smart lock or a key lockbox. Tech-savvy guests tend to enjoy the convenience this option provides.

More on Vrbo Management

Though Vrbo can simplify the process of managing a property, it can't do it for you. As long as you follow these tips, though, you'll be in a good spot!

Looking to maximize your rental income? Consider outsourcing your Vrbo management tasks to our experts at PMI Old Line! Contact us here to find out how we've helped other Ellicott City property owners like you!