5 Creative Ways to Keep Guests Coming to Your Vacation Rental in the Offseason

5 Creative Ways to Keep Guests Coming to Your Vacation Rental in the Offseason

The best time to visit Ellicott City, MD is the end of April through the middle of June. This is when the weather is at its best, shops are bustling, and people are looking for vacation rentals to stay in.

Around October, things will slow down. This will make attracting guests in the off-season feel almost impossible. There are ways that you can advertise your vacation property and bring in low-season bookings.

You'll need to adjust your prices, offer promotions, and make a few adjustments to your website. Continue reading to learn more.

1. Adjust Your Prices

The best way to increase your off-season bookings and fill your empty rooms is to adjust your prices. Your competitors will be lowering their costs. If you don't do the same, you'll lose potential guests to vacation homes that are similar to yours.

For example, if during the spring, you typically have an extra person charge, drop it in the fall when fewer people are visiting Ellicott City.

2. Partner With Local Businesses

Your vacation property isn't the only business that suffers during the off-season. Many companies and attractions in the area that rely on tourism do. That's why partnering up would benefit you both.

Ask local companies to promote your vacation rental for their events and offer to advertise their business in return.

3. Update Your Website

Part of vacation rental marketing involves keeping your site up to date. During the fall, update your site photos to ones of happy people and brightly colored leaves.

You should also include a list of fall attractions in Ellicott City to entice people to book.

4. Offer Promotions

People love to save money. It's not enough to lower your prices. It's also important to run promotions.

For example, you can allow guests to book two nights and get one free. Out-of-town vacationers aren't the only ones who are looking for something to do on the weekend in Ellicott City. Locals are as well.

That's why some hotels allow people to enjoy their pool and onsite restaurant without booking a room. This will give the locals something to do, and generate some income for you.

5. Look At Your Competitors

If you're at a loss when it comes to attracting guests in the off-season in Ellicott City, research your competitors.

While you shouldn't copy their marketing ideas, there's nothing wrong with getting a little inspiration from them. You can see what makes them so special and decide how to make your rental stand out from theirs.

If you don't know how to price your rental, you can use your competitor's prices as a guideline.

Attracting Guests in the Off-Season Doesn't Have to Be a Struggle

Attracting guests in the off-season in Ellicott City, MD, isn't easy. You'll need to use careful and creative marketing tactics to fill your empty rooms.

If you're not sure where to start, research your competitors and reach out to PMI Old Line. We have all the tools and expertise needed to market your short-term rental. Contact us today for a free consultation.